Got rid of some serious allergies!

In a session with you — a single session! — I was able to get rid of allergies to sesame anything, pumpkin seeds and dairy, which had been causing me problems for some time. The sesame was especially crippling — my joints seized up and I had to force my ankles to rotate to break them loose! It was awful! Now, I have no problems of any kind with any of these foods. THANKS!!

Huggs – Becky Hayes, Snowflake, AZ

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Hello world!

Welcome to my world……. Won’t you come on in…….. stay a while with me, this is where it all begins!  This country western song kept playing over and over in my head while I was thinking about what I wanted to post on this blog.

Please share with me and others, your thoughts and testimonials as we learn, heal and grow in our journey through life.  I learn from you and you learn from me.  It’s all perfect and this blog is a perfect vehicle for us to share!



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